Conversion System Overview


We currently produce custom conversion kits for amateur built aircraft as well as the Republic Seabee.  We offer any General Motors LS-series engine and will work towards an optimum fit with your amateur aircraft.  The reduction units may be equipped with variable pitch, constant speed, and reversible propellers.  The following is a description of our original conversion.  This is still flying in our demonstrator, C-FILM.  We have continued to refine the design.

The engines that we are currently using are new V8's purchased from GM's Performance Parts Division.  Current options include the new LS-376, with its new cam design to provide a flatter torque curve as well as the new supercharged LS-A or LS-9 engines that are perfect for high density altitudes.

Reduction Unit
We offer a variety of reduction units, with three lengths and both 1.7:1 and 2:1 gear ratios.  It is based on standard Morse Hi VO chain and sprockets, and was sized and installed as per their technical publication.  The chain is lubricated with engine oil via a spray bar.  The aluminum housing was cast, aged and tempered in a local foundry.  The design was loosely patterned off of the existing Franklin engine extension, with changes as required to maintain the existing thrust line and propeller position.  All thrust loads (forward and reverse) are carried by the rear reduction unit bearing.

Propeller Control
The propeller pitch control system is identical to the Franklin set up.  It has proven to be trouble free over the years, so why change it?  Oil return is by gravity to the engine sump, and all oil is filtered through a custom remote oil filtering system.  The drive mates to the engine via a splined adapter bolted directly to the flywheel.  We used the manual version of the flywheel as a safeguard against any potential vibration concerns.

Cooling System
The liquid cooling is provided by a stock Corvette radiator, complete with stock electric cooling fans controlled by the computer.  I added a manual override switch for the fans so the pilot can turn the fans on anytime he pleases.  The stock air conditioning condenser is mounted in front of the radiator as it is in the Corvette.

Fuel is supplied via manually controlled dual electric fuel pumps, complete with a water separator and dual automotive filters. Operating pressure range is 58 - 62 PSI.  All powerplants will run on either premium automotive fuel or 100 Low Lead aviation fuel.

Engine Control System
The Computer I chose is a standard G.M. system.  The unit is Custom programmed with the export code for leaded fuel, and uses no oxygen sensors.  This was to enable me to run 100 octane Low Lead fuel as well as premium unleaded fuel.  The emission and VAT codes are suppressed.  The wiring harness was purchased from an after market supplier.  Computer Power is supplied from one of two full size batteries.  The batteries can be manually isolated in case of an alternator or battery failure.  The computer power source is selected manually.


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